baltfood business - Focus on companies

baltfood business concentrates on delivering value-adding services to food processing enterprises. So far baltfood concentretes on three areas of activity:


1. Identifying trends and making the most of them


People talk a lot about trends, and write about them even more, but few can really discern what is on the horizon. For this reason, the baltfood project is bringing together experts from companies and universities in order to identify relevant trends for the Baltic region. As a part of this the experts have developed the baltfood TrendWiki, a computer-based tool that allows companies to identify future trends at an early stage.


baltfood trend study - Study on the transnational reception of major food trends in the Baltic Sea Region.


baltfood TrendWiki - A Short Description

baltfood TrendWiki - User Manual

baltfood TrendWiki - Klick for Direct Access to the baltfood TrendWiki


2. Entering new markets


Another area of focus in the baltfood business work package is the development of new markets. But rather than treading the beaten path on this subject, the baltfood focuses on markets with a development potential in the medium and long term. The St. Petersburg region, Belarus and Ukraine are examples. With their special knowledge and many years of experience, baltfood partners from countries that have recently joined the EU are be able to provide special help here. The work includes studies on specific target markets along with fact-finding trips to these markets.


Geographically-specific food studies (baltfood methodology)


baltfood Country Study Russia

baltfood Country Study Belarus

baltfood Country Study Ukraine


3. Supporting product innovation


In order to support product innovations a vritual learning enviroment with an e-learning platform has been developed. The first transnational e-learning course "Healthy to Go - Food Innovation" addresses two ares identified in the trend study: convenience and health. Participants successfully completing the course will be awared a joint certificate (sample course certificate) by the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences as well as the University of Turku.


 “Healthy to Go – Food Innovation” - Klick for direct access to the baltfood e-learning course


First Online-Course - A Short Description of the first Course

Second Online-Course - A Short Description of the second Course

Third Online-Course - A Short Description of the third Course

Forth Online-Course - A Short Description of the fourth Course